Hey Steve,

I am so thrilled to say I play a PATRICK mouthpiece, it does everything I need to do and that is really all you can ask of a mouthpiece.  Thank you for working with me on this piece and great job!


Rick Baptist
First Call LA Studio Musician

Steve, You are one of the finest trumpet players I have had the pleasure to work with and your diligence for finding the right equipment for the right musical performance is superb. The work today calls for versatility for the majority of trumpet players to make a living, and that equates to playing the right equipment that will make it easier for us all. Your mouthpieces help me do just that!

Thanks Steve,

Gary Grant
First Call LA Studio Musician

Without question, Steve’s is the best flugelhorn mouthpiece I’ve tried yet. Comfortable rim, nice warm sound, great intonation….I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Jeff Bailey 
Principal Trumpet 
Nashville Symphony

Glad to see you up here on FB, Steve! Keep making the best mouthpieces on the planet!

Kiku Collins
Freelance Trumpeter
Toured with: Beyonce, Michael Bolton, & Train to name a few.

I’ve been primarily using Patrick Mouthpieces in the studio and on the road for years now.  They are undoubtedly some of the finest mouthpieces made.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mike Haynes
First Call Nashville Studio Musician

Steve Patrick has designed a product that vastly improves consistency of sound, comfort, endurance, and pitch with Patrick Mouthpieces. For me, the mouthpiece design helps off-set the issues related to fatigue in longer stretches of playing, and allows me to play much more efficiently without compromising resonance. My sound is more nuanced and consistent, and every Patrick Mouthpiece I’ve played sounds great on a microphone, both live and recorded. The design, partnered with Steve’s knowledge and extensive experience, makes this THE mouthpiece choice for the modern trumpet performer.

Dr. Matthew White
Recording and Performing Artist
Assistant Professor of Trumpet
Coastal Carolina University

I have played a custom Schilke mouthpiece for many years. Recently, Steve approached me about doing a signature series copy of my mouthpiece. We ended up with a mouthpiece that actually improved on my original piece. I use this mouthpiece exclusively and I am very pleased with it.

Dan Oxley  


Congratulations on your work with Patrick mouthpieces! Your dedication to this craft is evident in the products you’re producing. The Patrick mouthpiece that I purchased is a remarkably good fit for me for lead playing.  Not only is it an extremely comfortable mouthpiece upon which to play, it allows me to produce a great tone in all registers (not just the extreme upper tessitura like so many mouthpieces bult for high playing). I’ve used it with great success in performance on orchestral pops concerts and in quintet for some of our more commercial charts; it works like no other mouthpiece I’ve played before.

Thank you, Steve!

Joel Treybig, DMA
Associate Professor of Music
Coordinator of Instrumental Studies
Belmont University School of Music

The majority of my gigs around Honolulu are in regional musical theater, playing in bands of usually no more than 4 to 8 musicians. I am always the sole trumpet player. Under such circumstances I need to be able to play quite softly with finesse and blend with the woodwind and violin players during vocal numbers yet be able to light up the horn and take the lead during the instrumental numbers. Years ago, I gave up the search for one mouthpiece that would do all I require.  My old Bach 3C gives me a gorgeous sound when I need to blend but the sound is too broad for lead work.  Typical “commercial” mouthpieces would provide the brilliance and focused sound desired in the high register but sound too thin or strident when I needed to blend.  Also, being use to the 3C, I find myself bottoming out on most “commercial” mouthpieces.

I am now absolutely in love with my 3Z!  This piece allows me to produce an acceptable classical sound below high C yet, when I need to, I can light up the horn and project on the big show numbers.  The cup design has enough depth that I can play multiple shows a day and never feel myself bottoming out in the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is a show player’s dream come true!

Mark Minasian
Professor of Music, Leeward College
Free-lance trumpet, Honolulu 

Hey Steve, thank you so much for getting me set up with my “set” of 84m’s for all my horns. I couldn’t be happier with the ease and comfort. Love the “T-F piece you put together for me, hope you’ll have them as a regular part of the line sometime soon. And, oh yeah, you can play the trumpet fairly well too. :)

George Tidwell

Played the 7.3C at a classical recording session today….I’m in love!

Michelle Kingston

I’m completely sold on the 81M.  It is a great piece, I love the rim, cup and the backbore. You should be getting some orders from Buffalo, great product. Thanks.

Sam Noto (Kenton, Basie, Bellson)

This mouthpiece plays great right out of the box…diameter fits me great…and so nice to have a shallow enough cup…definitely more zing, more ease, and shallower than the Candoli, which is exactly what I was looking for. Will be trying it out on my gigs from today on through Monday…have a VERY good feeling about this one. Thanks for a great mouthpiece! All the very best, Lex

Lex Samu

I’m a “weekend warrior” trumpet player, playing mostly at my church on Sundays.  I don’t have the time that I used to for practicing, and that’s why I love the efficiency of PATRICK mouthpieces.  I play almost exclusively on the 5Z model, which gives me a great, full sound, while still giving some nice edge as I play over the staff.  On occasion, if I need even a little more “zing” in the sound, or if I’m in the upper register for extended periods of time, I’ll put in my 5ZM, which has the identical rim of the 5Z, but a slightly deeper cup than the commercial series (81, 84, etc.).  It’s so easy to change between the two, due to the matching rims.  Steve has done a great job at combining the great sound that you want in a mouthpiece, with the ease and efficiency that you always hoped you’d find – I highly recommend his mouthpieces for players at any level.

Jeff Chandler
Franklin, TN

Steve, a few weeks ago I bought a 5ZM from you. I LOVE this mouthpiece. I had a church gig Sunday morning and a gig yesterday morning.  I had  chops to spare. The slight undercut and flat rim gave me enough grip to make my double G’s and A’s with a fat sound and still have a nice sound below the staff. After I left both gigs, I didn’t feel like I had been beat up and my chops weren’t swollen.

Thanks, again.

Rob Jonas
Dallas, TX area

Having to play in a variety of settings from salsa to pit orchestras, I find that the Patrick line is the most versatile. They are designed for the working musician with their comfortable rims and specific backbores. You can tell that a lot of thought went into making a well balanced line of mouthpieces. 

Mark Morgan


Meant to tell you how much I love my PATRICK 75MD CM28 mouthpiece.  It gave me exactly what I was looking for in both a better sound and ease of play.


Dennis Turner

Hey Steve,

I just got back from the west coast and opened up this order.  The 84FS is going to be perfect.  Blowing a little on my renovated vintage Kanstul flugelhorn yields excellent response and intonation up the G above high C.  The 88S-Cornet also is going to be great.  Doodling around on M. Haydn and Brandenburg, the sound is nice and fat all the way to the high B in the Haydn compared to pinched and strangled before. 

Off to a rehearsal where I’ll be playing all of your mouthpieces on Bb, Flugelhorn, and Piccolo tonight.  Thanks again.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with this equipment.  Going to your designs let me go deeper than before and the combination of resistance and blow is great.  Also, it let me go shallower on my “all-around” piece without sacrificing sound. 

Derek Ganong

I received the 7.3C today and just finished my first practice of today, and my only question is how’d you do that? I’m STILL trying to figure it out, my 7.3C is even shallower than my 3C which is the shallowest thing I have and it’s so dark for a C cup. I can’t wait to get the 7.1B!!

Blake Unger

Hi Steve-

I received the mouthpiece and I’ll just say this about it…it’s definitely a keeper! I was a bit concerned the 84 rim would be a bit large but it feels just fine. I think the medium cup gives me more of the sound I’m looking for as well. I noticed my Warburton back-bores fit your 84M top so that allows me to experiment a bit. Thanks again for your patience and time to help me out. Have a good weekend!

Ken Barnes

Just killed it with some mariachi trumpeters on my vacation down in Mexico on the 84M.  Thought you should know!

Derek Ganong

The ZM cup and Z backbore is a winner combination!

I think a lot of your clients would love it in their own rim size.

Jim Leach

Hey Steve!

The mouthpieces are great – What a difference it makes when your equipment works for you and not against you!  Will do, Steve: Just to let you know, I had my senior recital the other night and Mr. Wing said that it was the best he’s heard me play.  I was able to focus on making music and not getting the horn to work thanks to your help!

James Moore


The 3C is very nice. The rim comfort and the softer bite are very, very nice. Sound is very warm with both my horns – Bach LT 180 from the 70s and Jupiter Ingram model. Thanks for your advice. I will be ordering the 3F soon.

Thanks again,

Duncan Needler


The RB3B mouthpiece is brilliant!

warm, BIG, and the sound is so pretty, and the rim is perfect.

Thank you!

I will tell all.

Joe Pacheco


Thanks for getting the mouthpiece to me so fast. I have been working with it the last several days and it is awesome!  Its everything you said it was and that rim is sooo comfy! 

Thanks again and we will talk soon.

Mark Bures

I have been preaching your mouthpieces and INCREDIBLE customer service to every trumpet player I run into in LA. You have a lifetime customer in me. No doubt.

Thanks. :)

Gabriel Johnson


This PBC is blowing my mind. Acclimation is complete! It seems I can do NO wrong with this mouthpiece. Big Band rehearsal last Sunday was amazing! My endurance seems endless and I’m dead serious when I say, that I am blowing double forte double B’s and C’s and even double D’s when I haven’t been hitting the practice too hard.  Where has this mouthpiece been all my life?  In reality, I’ve been in a process I suppose for a couple of years now, of sizing down and going for more compression. So, I think the PBC has come along at the perfect time. Amazing how it can still have this great bottom end as well as huge upper register.

Thanks again,

Archie Sawyer

Hi Steve.

I received your great mouthpieces!

Great response, great projection, and great sound!!

I really love these mouthpieces!


Keita Saito

FANTASTIC, Incredible piece . I’ve never owned a high F before I got this piece. I’ll probably need another one for my back-up horn!

James Leach

Endorsement: University of Mobile Ram Corps


Even better news.  The piece just arrived, and it’s gorgeous. I’ve just had it for a few minutes, but the sound is great, C# and D are in tune, my range, such as it is, is more solid, and I can get more volume.  It’s really the piece for me—though I am aware of the rapture of the piece, especially the new one.  I played a bit on an old Bach 3C BIG LETTERS, and there’s no comparison.  Thanks for advising me to get the 3C.

Ken Fields

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to play lead in a big band last night.  The regular lead player couldn’t make it and I got the book.  I could not believe how the 84M worked for me, and the combo with my NY Bach just sizzled.  Even after a 90 minute concert band rehearsal beforehand, I still had chops to play Groove Blues, Rainy Day and others over an hour straight and sound good for where I am in my comeback.  Believe me I was tired at the end but I was very happy!  Also, the guys gave me the lead book for next week and asked me what kind of mouthpiece I was playing!  I told them to check your website out. 


Mark Bures

I recently purchased a trumpet mouthpiece and a flugelhorn mouthpiece from Patrick Mouthpieces.  I have been a die hard Marcinkiewicz player for a long time and still like their pieces.  I have to say, though,  that the Patrick Mouthpieces are the smoothest, most precise mouthpieces I’ve ever played.  I have been searching for a deep, rich, “Chet” sound forever and I finally nailed it with Steve’s mouthpieces.  The quality, and detail is outstanding!!

Ken Barken


I’ll try and find some words that are adequate enough to describe what you’ve done for my playing.  At your suggestion, I tried a 78M and I’ve got to tell you, this piece is utterly fantastic. I can play any chart they put in front of me, range, flexibility and endurance is unbelievable, and most important, the matter that’s in between my ears is always confident that any time I pick up the horn, the result will always be there. Can’t tell you how much I’ve spent over the years on mouthpieces, trying to find ” The Right one”. Thanks again for your availability and advise. Looking forward to the new PATRICK Mouthpieces!

Bill Curry

Hi Steve, I’m still very satisfied with the RB3ZM (tellurium) top and CM28 backbone. It took me a while to get used to it, but if I play relaxed and back-off a little results are still improving. Thanks for you’re great expertise, it helped me a lot! Greets from the Netherlands.

Dick Opmeer

Steve, I’ve been playing on the 75M for about a month now and love it! I’ve used it for everything from classical to big band to gospel to good effect. It is just such a efficient mouthpiece when I let it be. Very happy.

Eric Jones