Studio 1_Steve Patrick Model_Blackburn Trumpet

The Blackburn Studio 1 Bb Trumpet was crafted in collaboration between Pickett Blackburn and Steve Patrick. With a repertoire spanning over 7,000 recording sessions across albums, film scores, and television, Steve has been a cornerstone of the Nashville music scene for more than 30 years and knows what it takes to play what is on the stand no matter the setting. 

Although some specifications are proprietary, the body is built with a .460″ valve cluster. The bell is our 213A20S, complemented with our #52 leadpipe, which has a .341″ venturi.

“Finally a horn that feels, sounds, and plays exactly how I want it to for the wide range of work that I do. The Studio 1 is now my go-to horn for all symphony playing, church gigs, jazz playing, and solo performances; and it is outstanding in the studio for both principal and section work. The Studio 1 is free-blowing and feels open without actually being cumbersome. That, in turn, makes switching from my Blackburn C and Eb or other Blackburn instruments much easier. 

With the Studio 1 trumpet, I can produce the consistent sonic sound that I hear in my head, while easily switching horns for whatever I’m asked to play. If you only have money for ONE Bb, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY!  There are several other fantastic horn brands and models out there that have one aspect of playability or sound, but NONE that I have played had both the sound and the playability of the new Blackburn Studio 1. This is an exceptional horn that I wish I would have had 30 years ago at the beginning of my career or even in college. 

So many people pick a horn based on how it sounds in the store or based on how it sounds in a practice room or living room in a house. This horn has been play-tested in symphony halls, churches, and dozens of studios for diverse genres and rooms. This horn meets the demands of my job, which is all I can ask for in a new fantastic horn.  With prices so high for so many manufacturers, this is an affordable option for anyone looking to buy a new trumpet.

Without going into a bunch of needless specs that never paint an entire picture, this horn is a ML bore trumpet.  It’s never extremely small or extremely big.  It is more efficient on the front end of the horn while maintaining an open feel.  While it doesn’t take much effort to have great response, it also doesn’t penalize you for occasionally over playing.” – Steve Patrick