I have had the good fortune to work with my friends Joe and Mary at LOUD Mouthpieces for several years now. They believed in me and gave me an opportunity to get my mouthpiece designs manufactured.

Joe and Mary have now decided to focus their efforts in LOUD Mouthpieces specifically in their low brass models.

My friends at LOUD approached me after that decision was made and told me that I was free to start my own company, hence, the birth of PATRICK Mouthpieces.

The trumpet mouthpiece designs in the LOUD trumpet line were born out of years of experimentation and my personal experiences as a player. Those designs continue on in the PATRICK line of trumpet mouthpieces.

At PATRICK Mouthpieces, you will find trumpet mouthpieces that have the same inner design as the former LOUD trumpet line and you will also see a great increase in the model line-up and services offered by PATRICK Mouthpieces.

-Steve Patrick